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Choosing a Tree Service/Arborist

Homeowners who rush to accept the service of a tree expert/arborist are frequently taken advantage of by amateurs who commonly consist of a pickup truck, chainsaw and a blower. The result, sorry to say is poor or inferior quality work, and greater long term costs. The best option is to choose a Broward County Licensed tree care professional. The I.S.A. Arborist (tree care professional.) you will want to hire should:

  • Be a member of a professional association such as the National Arborist
  • Have a County Tree Trimmer License, have an occupational license and as a bonafide business in the community should be listed in the telephone directory "Yellow Pages" commonly under tree service/arborist.
  • Review their website and do a internet check on the company.
  • Be fully insured for property damage, personal liability and worker's compensation.

I.S.A. Certified Arborist FL-0807-AT

I.S.A. Climber Specialist FL-0807-AT

I.S.A. Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

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